Hey, I'm Brian, I wrote OmniMyth. I'm a big fan of the TTRPG genre, and have been playing various games for 15+ years now. I started where most folks my age did, DnD. But I had the unique blessing of an older sister who introduced me through aDnD and a lackadaisical fun first playstyle. I eventually branched out to other systems trying Pathfinder 1e, DnD 4e/5e and eventually making my way to the "indi" sphere starting with Fate and moving onto Stars Without Number, Whitehack, Blackhack, Tiny Dungeons (2e), Index Card RPG, Mothership, Into the Odd, and my current favorite game to evangelize, Troika!. This game is a love-letter to all the others that I have played before it. I've attempted to hold on to the best play philosophies I could find in them, and build them around new mechanics, while writing it so that my parents could understand the game if they picked up the book without me around to explain it.

The Artists:

Character sheet design - Rose Whittaker of

Cover art - Andrew Pydynkowski of

Internal art - Annette Bell

Internal art - Jennifer Lee of Rising Sand

Poetry - Rachel Swanzy Hunt

The Editors:

ENnie winning editing team - Moonrat Conspiracy featuring Jarrett Crader and Fiona Geist

Additional editing - K. Kazmac

The Troubleshooters:

Additional development - Connor Murphy-Smith and Valory Fox

Additional design, development and layout  - David N. Wilkie 

Incredible help, inspiration, and back of book description - Daniel Sell

The Playtesters:

Kelsey Kazmac, Meghan Quinn, Connor Murphy-Smith, David MacNamara, Greg Friel, Dennis Bradford, Salvatore Liguori, Jacob Rhodes, Ben Milazzo, and Ebony Reeves.

and some final shoutouts to LastChat and the *Dream server

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